How to Escape From The Matrix

How to Escape From The Matrix

Human behavior and consciousness are influenced by environmental factors and reality is just a matter of perception, shaped by our brain's interpretation of sensory signals​​. So it's very important to align one's perception with spiritual truth (Word of God) since there is a spiritual battle between God and Satan for control of human thoughts and perceptions​​. Only through spiritual rebirth (being born again) changing thought patterns through repentance (turning to God through prayer), healing and deliverance, and understanding triggers to overcome negative behaviors and thoughts. By embracing spiritual truths and resisting lies and negative influences, individuals can escape the metaphorical 'Matrix' of deception and live in truth.

The rise of computers, artificial intelligence, robots in the last 50 years has led many to wonder if we ourselves also live in a simulation. Could the world “cosmos” be a simulation? Could we be in a virtual reality? What is reality? The Matrix movie suggests that we are enslaved in an artificial world we ourselves created by controlled the electrical impluses in our brains. There is a demonic transhumanist agenda that seeks to enslave souls.

What is Reality? Cosmic Influences

Human behavior (doing) is affected by our consciousness (thinking). It’s been scientifically proven that our thinking patterns are easily affected by environmental “suggestions” such as architecture (ever walked into a cathedral and got a sense of wonder and awe?) and other things like electricity (our brain neurons are electrical signals after all, making the brain a giant antanae). The Moon is a heavy hitter when it comes to a force on this Earth. It affects tides, gravity, magnetic fields and how many negative ions are in the atmosphere. Gravity is the most powerful force on the planet and the moon effects gravity and in turn affects the tides. Some have even claimed that the celestial bodies such as planets are artificial instruments that monitor and manipulate consciousness. There are also demons, dark negative energetic frequencies and personalities (entities) that war against the true God by taking souls. With the rise of transhumanism, quantum computing, is it possible for Satan, demons and evil men to transfer or trap human consciousness, souls?

DISEASES: Fungus are intelligent and can work in colonies or as one organized collective. It contributes or is responsible for nearly every disease known. It can cause brain disorders, tooth decay, heart problems, organ problems, degrades your eyesight, slows down your brain process, is a primary cause of cancer, anxiety, depression, gout, skin disorders, myalgias, sclerosis, damages your DNA and is one of the primary hidden factors of aging itself. It influences your thoughts, behaviors and eating habits. It prompts deviant and impulsive behavior. It destroys your hormone balance. It can cause a lifetime of illness, depression and anxiety. With all the science fiction (or fiction) aside how do we know what’s really real and are we really in control?

RADIATION: “Almost all of the matter in the universe is electrically charged…” (Invisible Rainbow)

Scientifically, we know our brains interpret signals from our senses (eyes, etc..) to form reality so that no two people really perceive reality the same way because it’s all interpreted by our brain signals. The neurological generated constructed called reality or the “matrix” is really a matter of PERCEPTION.

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Rom 12:2)

Scripture claims that this world (or cosmos) is under the power of the false god of this age and that if we want freedom from slavery we must change our thinking patterns. So, our perception is really based on what we align ourselves with, either the false god of this world (Satan) or the truth (The Word in John) revealed as Jesus Christ.

“the god of this world (Satan) has blinded the minds of the unbelieving to prevent them from seeing the illuminating light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” (2 Cor 4:4)

BIOLOGICAL WARFARE (Pharmakeia): The threat of biological warfare against your soul is very real. It’s design to seal your FREE WILL over to SATAN. See Remember to never take any injection in the name of Science. You must renounce all witchcraft, detox and refuse any mandatory medical experiments designed to harvest your soul.

Are you Free? Signs you are “stuck” in the Matrix

Struggling with addictions, negativity (all negative thoughts are from the evil one)? If you are struggling and you are aware of it, then you can know that God gives power to change (called repentance). It’s not God’s will that you struggle with any mental disorder, or hurting habit. God wants you to trust Him for healing.

Satan is a liar. The reason you may be struggling is because you have accepted a lie repeated over and over again until your brain has turn the lie into your truth even though it’s not.

God created our brains to be highly flexible and receptive. By design, we are what we think about. We do have the freedom to choose what to think about. God gave us the Bible to show us HOW TO THINK that we would not be deceived by lies.

The Big Secret

“And if you call on him as Father who judges impartially according to each one’s deeds, conduct yourselves with fear throughout the time of your exile” 1 Peter 1:17

The big secret about your identity that the world does not want you to know about is that we were once with God before time but because of our rebellion we are trapped in body of flesh in a Satanic new world order. There are only two paths we can follow in life, one as a lover of God or as lover of self. One is the path of redemption, and the other of death. This is why you must be born-again to escape the Satanic reptilian luciferian system. See We Were Once Angels.

How to Escape the Matrix

You need to have the eyes of your heart opened and literally come to Jesus Christ (Look Up to Heaven), or God needs to come to you personally so that as you read the Holy Scriptures, you’ll have a personal encounter with the person of the Word. Do you believe the Holy Scriptures help you perceive reality according to God? How do you know the TRUTH? You will know the truth if or when you let it CHANGE YOU. Keep telling ourself the truth. To alter your perception, let the word of God transform your heart energies such emotions, desire. This is what it means to have a personal relationshipw with Jesus Christ.

Get Born Again

To truly escape the satanic matrix of lies in this fallen world, you must be born again, meaning you must be re-born as a perfect spirit in Christ!

“if anyone is in Christ, he is a NEW CREATION. The old things have passed away; behold, the new has come into being.” (2 Cor. 5:17)

If you are BORN AGAIN in your SPIRIT (the redeemed part of you), then the body, brain, heart, soul must all be transformed through self-denial and putting on Christ as a daily practice.

As a spirit-being, you can in fact conquer yourself and override the lies of the matrix such that your body-brain-mind-heart all yield to your spirit which is yield to God’s Holy Spirit.

First, you must go through the CHRIST GATE. In Christ’s sheepfold, there is pure love consciosness, truth and no fear of evil or harm.

Change your Thought Patterns

Replace lies with truth from the Word. Lies can come in the form of suggestions, media, entertainment, drugs, etc..

Resist Satan. Submit to God.

Spiritual warfare

If you must believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord to be saved, then the battle is in your mind and heart. Although demons are real, true warfare is against our flesh, not directly against Satan or “archons”. The flesh is a layer of illusions of lies which are implanted by embedded physiological memories, senses, media (entertainment). Jesus said, all issues of life are a matter of our heart (desire + motivations).

Who is your master? God or Satan? Whoever is the one who controls you. How do you know who your master is? Your desire must be first for God (love God with all your heart, mind, soul). Start and go from your hearts' desire.

Know Your Triggers

Part of the fallen fleshly nature is the reward system. Our brain tells us we need to do something because it makes us feel good. Satan, and this world systems including religion use the pain-pleasure reward triggers in our brain to make us addicted.

Take thoughts captive: Usually there is a deep seated trigger that sets people off into whatever harmful behavior whether it’s anger, lust, addiction, etc. They key is to verbally speak to your own soul (say soul, listen up, this is what God says…) and know the truth and submit to it.

Speak the truth to yourself in love.

Christ is offering you the BREAD OF LIFE (intimate life union with Himself). We were created to be vessels to receive God’s love without having to over-think about it. The knowledge of good vs. evil is too much for us. Just knowing God personally and intimately (who is God for you?) is enough. Knowledge doesn’t change you, experience does. Experiencing the truth involves your desires, emotions, will, memories.

See Escaping the Matrix: Setting Your Mind Free to Experience Real Life in Christ by Gregory A. Boyd