How to Experience Freedom

How to Experience Freedom

Intimate knowledge of God and faith in His word as essential for overcoming ego and self-centeredness. This article critiques organized religion for fostering self-righteousness and legalism, advocating instead for a relationship based on truth and love as taught by Christ. It discusses freedom from self, through reliance on the Holy Spirit to overcoming personal limitations and false beliefs. The concept of freedom from evil is addressed, urging readers to focus on God's reality and ignore fear-based conspiracies and dualistic knowledge of good and evil. The article also touches on freedom from the need to be perfect, explaining that true spirituality involves understanding our unity with Christ and living by His faith, not ours. It stresses that salvation is a spiritual and mental state, not just a change in behavior, and encourages readers to stop self-judgment and live in the love of Christ​

“David answered, “You come at me with sword and spear and battle-ax. I come at you in the name of God-of-the-Angel-Armies…” (1 Sam 17:45, MSG)

Intimate knowledge of WHO GOD IS FOR YOU and WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR YOU is the way to conquer your EGO (Selfish/Pride). God requires faith (trust, confidence) that His word is true and worth remembering, keeping, practicing.

“Look at that man, bloated by self-importance—full of himself but soul-empty. But the person in right standing before God through loyal and steady believing is fully alive, really alive." (Hab. 2:4, MSG)

God is more good, loving, faithful, powerful than our ability to ever conceive and appreciate and it! What does God truly desire for us? A human family that is One with Him! Jesus (the Living Word) came to earth as a man do join humanity to God!

To really have a relationship with God, we need to get over limited carnal understanding of ourselves (including insecurities, jugements, pre-concieveed notions of our own goodness, efforts and understanding) and let God be sovereign and greater than us!

God wants you free from slavery so you can be a FRIEND OF GOD!

Freedom From Religion

Organized religion has produced self-righteousness, judgmentalism, legalism, greed. The true Gospel is Jesus frees us from our own delusions and righteousness. True religion and spirituality is one of being honest and reasonable with God. In Christ there is only truth and love. When we live out of our own morality or desire to be right, it is frustrating God’s universal grace. We are all saved by the faith of God alone, not of just ourselves. Even the gift of faith comes from God. We no longer have to try hard to save ourselves on our own terms, by hearing the Gospel from the Holy Scriptures that testify of Jesus Christ, we simply come to agreement about what God says about Himself and us. Faith is very logical! God wants you to use critical thinking (God said, come let us reason together!), to understand Him through His Word. God does not want you confused. Confusion comes from Mystery Babylon (the pagan religions of the world).

Freedom From Self

There is freedom from self! Not that we loose our personality but we are freed from responsibilities that we could not never do. We cannot obey, believe, love enough according to God’s perfect standards. We simply must come to agreement to what God says about Himself and us. This usually means coming to the end of our own strength and relying 100% on the Holy Spirit. We can still be rational creatures, free to be ourself without the manipulation, judgement, control of man-made religion. Simply, the Gospel removes shame, guilt, confusion, judgement from ourselves.

Freedom From Evil

True spiritual warfare is all about telling yourself the truth about yourself from God’s perspective. Simplicity. Clarity where there is confusion. The only real deliverance we need is deliverance from our own delusions of our own false-selves, self-centered personal faith, righteousness and make God central. Lies (false self) over Truth (true self) that is renewd after the image and glory of Christ!

Satan wants you to think God is witholding good from you by keeping you from the knowledge of good and evil. The purpose of life is not being our own gods, or waging a gnostic war against false gods (“elites”) about exposing the depths of evil (don’t pay attention of fear based conspiracies), don’t even pay attention to evil. Don’t even call it out, resist the Devil, submit to God as if all there ever is that is true is God’s ONE REALITY. We can’t handle knowing good and evil (duality) because in our fallen state, we have the tendency to corrupt knowledge and call evil good and good evil. Love consciousness is the goal.

Freedom From the Need to Be Perfect

Jesus made exaggerations about the law to proove the point that it’s not enough to do right but also think right with right motivation. No matter how hard we try to do good, we can never perfectly think right and have selfless God-honoring motives. Jesus wants us to come to the end of our own self-confidence in our own abilities. Jesus wants us to believe in His faithfullness, obedience, love alone. It’s not a matter of stopping bad behavior or wrong thoughts, it’s giving up yourself that God alone would be rendered all the faith, love alone. Jesus removed all your sins before you ever had a choice in it!

“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.” (John 17:17)

Your spirit cannot be more or less perfect in Christ than you are already! You have been born of God! The goal of life is to meditate on the spiritual union that yields faith, love and righteousness that is found in Christ, not of yourself through scripture! There is no separation from Love!

  • Laws are not God. The law was never given for us to be self-righteous. The law only shows us that we can’t have intimacy with a loving God through rules.
  • Rules don’t help you live for God, the faith of Jesus, does.
  • Life is all about Christ (the Word) living in me (made flesh).

The book of John shows us about the nature of intimacy with God. It is a book about the messiah (Jesus Christ) but also a spiritual book of symbols about us, or God through Christ living in us. Everything about Christ can be true of us because of this spiritual union.

Freedom from Unbelief

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. (Galatians 2:20)

Your own good deeds, performance has actually kept you from a relationship with God! Do you still feel confident in your own abilities to do anything good for God? Get rid of your own self-confidence, let Christ be soverign and suprememe in what He already accomplished for you! You can have great confidence in God no matter how bad your day is.

Struggling with faith? Did you know that we don’t have to live by our own faith, the Gospel frees us from ourselves because we can live by the faith of Jesus alone who loves us!

I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain. (Galatians 2:21)

  • Jesus said if you had faith you can move mountains. Do you have faith to move mountains? But no one has ever moved mountains. Faith is not personal, but abstract. Render the things due to God. Faith, truth, love, righteousness all belong to God. It is God’s responsibility to believe, fulfill His word according to His promises. We don’t have to fear sin or faithlessness because God is more righteouss and faithful than us. Only the faith of Jesus Christ, not our own personal faith can truly please God the Father.

  • Even the disciples lacked faith. Spiritual understanding alone does not produce faith. Faith is a gift from God attributed to God alone.

  • When we live by our own faith under a law, we frustrate the grace of God.

  • Jesus believed and obeyed for us that we can live out of the faith and obedience of Jesus Christ.

  • It’s not our faith, but the faith of Jesus that saves us.

  • It’s not our obedience, it’s the obedience of Christ that saves.

  • It’s not our love, but the love of GOd who loves us first.

Where is Jesus Christ today? The Holy Spirit within you is Jesus Christ.

To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory Colossians 1:27

True Spirituality

To live for God, we must die to the Law which only shows us our sin. We can live to God through spirit and truth without the Law. You cannot have a relationship with the Law (God is not the Law). God wants a relationship with you. The Law’s only purpose is to show you we can never be right through legalistic living.

I am crucified with Christ means there is a biological-spiritual union with Christ consciousness. This is reinforces through scripture meditation. I no longer live, it’s Christ’s life in me living unto God. It’s not my faith it’s the faith of Christ. Paul lives through the faith of Christ. The Son of GOd loves you and gave yourself to you. Forget your own life and faith and self-righteousness. Gospel is freedom from self and living central out of Christ. When we live out of our own morality, faith it is frustrating God’s grace. Do you want to please God, live out of the Spirit of Christ within you.

Getting Real Results

Salvation is not about change of behavior, it’s 100% spiritual and mental. Repentance is just changing your thought patterns. Understanding and meditating on the revelation of God’s reality and love.

You have been redeemed from yourself not by your faith and obedience and love for God but by the faith and obedience of Jesus because of His love. You cannot fail. Your spirit is already perfected in Christ!

There is no sin, shame, guilt, condemndation or judgement to yourself or others in Christ only truth (reality) and love (self-less compassion). The more your understand grace and God’s supremacy and sovereignty, the less guilty, judgemental, pressure you will feel for yourself and others to be right all the time. Guilt is a sign of lack of confidence in Christ crufied and resurrected.

  • Stop judging yourself and other people.
  • Love is enough, the source of love is remaining in Jesus Christ.
  • We remain in Christ when we have the kind of marriage-covenantal like belief, that we believe into a marriage (spiritual union) between Christ and ourselves.
  • Build confidence in God alone!
  • Because of this, we can truly be happy!

Jesus said It is Finished! God is enough, you are enough, Receive God’s Love, learn how to love, live loved!

See The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Tim Keller